"Eating without crustice will result in regret rather than satisfaction" - Pladough


REVIEW: Cork & Pig Tavern

A fancy place that does pizza, Jul 21, 2018

Location: 1407 Knickerbocker Rd. San Angelo, Texas - www.corkandpig.com/san-angelo

I had to go to San Angelo, Texas for a 3-week training deal and while there I definitely had to try the pizza place that most people said was the best in town and that Cork & Pig. I went for lunch on a Saturday, before heading out to a movie or something and chose to sit in a booth in the bar area where I could also watch sports. It was quite busy as well, so this avoided waiting for a regular table. The place was nice inside and out, clean and shiny, and semi-fancy, especially for central Texas. The wait staff was friendly, the prices were ...(more)

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REVIEW: Peter Piper Pizza

Can all you can eat buffet pizza actually be good?, Jan 16, 2020

Location: 8250 Marbach Rd, San Antonio, TX - www.peterpiperpizza.com

I had never heard of this place before moving to Texas, but that makes sense since it is only in San Antonio and two other nearby cities. Investigation revealed that it is a place similar to CiCi's, where for some amount around $8-9 you can eat all of the pizza that you can possibly stuff into your face in one visit. Whereas CiCi's is super no-frills, this place was kid-centric, with games and distractions for the little ones. It did have some TVs around and one had ESPN on it, so I sat in view of that. As is usual for places like this, the type of pizza you most...(more)

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Ever since a fateful day in the mid to late 80s when my dad said, "Whatever you want" and I got my first pepperoni pizza, pizza has been my favorite food. And that is exactly how I think pizza is best - pepperoni and cheese. Sure, some other toppings are fine from time to time, but for my money, I'll take extra pepperoni.