"Eating without crustice will result in regret rather than satisfaction" - Pladough


REVIEW: Mellow Mushroom

Very mellow, but hold the mushrooms, please, Nov 22, 2018

Location: 12090 Jefferson Ave., Newport News, VA

For the longest time, I had no idea that Mellow Mushroom was even a thing. It wasn't where I grew up nor anywhere I visited. Then we moved to Georgia and after a long day of looking at houses, we did a search for pizza places and up comes Mellow Mushroom. Turns out that the place is legit and we ended up going there relatively often while in Georgia. Years later, we move to Virginia and there is also a MM here fairly close to where we live. This particular visit is not from our first time there, but after we had already been in town a couple of years. MM is fairly divisive it seems - some many people really like it, but a vocal ...(more)

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REVIEW: Dough Boys Pizza

Casual Virginia Beach venue, Jun 22, 2019

Location: 2410 Atlantic Ave, Virginia Beach, VA - https://doughboyspizza.com/

We drove down to Virginia Beach for our anniversary since we had not had a chance to really experience it yet. We were near there for a wedding on the beach, but it was a residential area, so it didn't really count. A couple of blocks from where we parked, Google Maps showed this place and with it, pretty good reviews, so off we went. The venue was a typical beach place, with indoor and outdoor seating and a bar straddling both areas. We sat outside and were pleasantly surprised by the availability of pizza by the slice any way you want it. I went with two sl...(more)

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REVIEW: Venture Kitchen & Bar

Awesome hole in the wall place, May 24, 2019

Location: 9 E Queens Way, Hampton, VA - www.venturekitchenandbar.com/

I cannot remember how we found this place. This review is for our final visit there before we moved away. During our three year stay in Virginia, we went to venture probably around 5 times. It is just a hole in the wall bar and grill style place with a brick oven and an old school vibe. It is in Hampton's old town and the location is great. It is a one-size pizza kind of place, but the pizzas were just about the perfect size for a single serving for me so no complaints here. Seating can be an issue because of the small size of the place, but it is worth the...(more)

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REVIEW: Chanello's Pizza

Local chain in Virginia doing good work, Mar 26, 2019

Location: 2 Hidenwood Shopping Center #15 - chanellospizza.com

Chanello's Pizza was one of those local chains that we noticed pretty much right away upon moving to Virginia but it took us a little while to give it a chance. The first time we tried it was a nice summer day where we picked it up and took it to the beach. It was certainly pretty good then, but that was not a fair time to review because getting out to the beach took a bit of time and the pizza was not fresh as a result. So, many months later, I took advantage of a Tuesday deal where I got a large one-topping for five or six bucks. A good deal certainly, and it was right ar...(more)

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REVIEW: Sal's Pizza

A single location parlor in Newport News, Aug 17, 2018

Location: 613 Pilot House Drive Newport News, VA - nnsalspizza.com

Not long after moving across town, we decided to try a local pizza shop really close to the new house. I think we were lured by a coupon that showed up at our house, but w wanted to try the local pizza anyway, so we would have given it a shot no matter what. Everything about the coupons, the website, the physical location itself was pretty standard, generic, basic pizza place type stuff. It seemed a little out of time, actually. Like something you would expect to see 20 or 30 years ago but not today. That normally means the pizza must be really good for this place to surviv...(more)

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Ever since a fateful day in the mid to late 80s when my dad said, "Whatever you want" and I got my first pepperoni pizza, pizza has been my favorite food. And that is exactly how I think pizza is best - pepperoni and cheese. Sure, some other toppings are fine from time to time, but for my money, I'll take extra pepperoni.