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Best pizza in San Antonio

Well, maybe not best, but a good list, Jan 26, 2020

A little over three months ago we moved to San Antonio and I've been working on trying new pizza places ever since. The current list as of today that I can recall is as follows:

Urban Bricks
Pizza Patron
Dough Pizzeria
Stout Brewing Company
Peter Piper Pizza
Zios Italian Kitchen
Papa John's (the new garlic crust pizza)
Santiokos Casa Blanca movie theater
Whole Foods
Little Caesar's
DoubleDave's Pizzaworks

Only one of those places, Dough, is featured in the link below, though Stout definitely should be. But this list will be helpful when looking for places to go in the future. I...(more)

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Ever since a fateful day in the mid to late 80s when my dad said, "Whatever you want" and I got my first pepperoni pizza, pizza has been my favorite food. And that is exactly how I think pizza is best - pepperoni and cheese. Sure, some other toppings are fine from time to time, but for my money, I'll take extra pepperoni.