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REVIEW: Chicago Fire

One man's awesome is another man's meh, Sep 26, 2018

Location: 2416 J St, Sacramento, CA - chicagofire.com

A business trip took me to northern California and I flew into Sacramento. My boss told me about a place that I absolutely had to try, one that he frequented when he lived in that area. He raved about the place so much that I made it my top priority, so right after leaving the airport, a coworker and I went there for lunch. If I recall correctly, we got in a little past lunch so the rush was over and the place was relatively light on customers. That fact made it surprising just how long it took for our order to be taken. Food delivery took a good bit of time also, but to be expected w...(more)

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Ever since a fateful day in the mid to late 80s when my dad said, "Whatever you want" and I got my first pepperoni pizza, pizza has been my favorite food. And that is exactly how I think pizza is best - pepperoni and cheese. Sure, some other toppings are fine from time to time, but for my money, I'll take extra pepperoni.