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Review: Napoli's Pizza Chips

Trash or... uh... not trash?, Jan 16, 2018

This blog is for pizza and generally speaking that is what I will review, but occasionally I will sprinkle in assorted pizza-related products because why not? Today it is Napoli's Pizza Chips. I had never seen these before and saw them one day at BJ's, our local warehouse store. I figured since I love all things pizza I would give them a try. What sold it for me is that they went to the trouble of shaping the chips like slices of pizza. Those kinds of details matter! The bag was pretty big, as expected from a warehouse store and the price was reasonable - around $6. I don't buy or eat chips/crackers all that often, and to be honest, these were more like crackers than chips, but I figured why not give them a try as a one time kinda deal.

The very first chip was the worst I had. I thought after that one that these chips were a bust. It seemed mostly flavorless and bland. As I had a few more, however, the flavor started to shine. Perhaps it was more subdued than many chips, like Doritos, but it was tasty. Tasty enough to eat without any sort of dip or spread, but not covered with addictive dust like Cheetos so you were able to just eat a few and not feel terrible about it. I like them fairly well overall and would buy them again, but they are not something I would hunt for, either. The verdict?

6 slices = Solidly Delicious

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