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Review: Topolino, Wash DC

Topolino Italian Cuisine & Buffet, Oct 4, 2017

Location: 6320 Old Branch Ave, Camp Springs, MD - http://topolinorestaurant.com/

I recently had the chance to find myself in the greater DC area, near Andrews Air Force Base, so when it came time to eat I naturally searched for nearby pizza with good ratings and I was led to Topolino Italian Cuisine & Buffet. The website doesn't really make you believe that this place has good pizza - it seems more like an afterthought. The good news is that I've been to several Italian restaurants like this, and they've always had rather good pizza, and sometimes great pizza.

I went on September 22nd at lunchtime, not long after 11 am, and it was fairly dead but starting to pick up. The hostess was nice and seated me at a booth in the front corner of the restaurant (the place is quite big, by the way). The buffet was open, but that is not my preferred way to consume pizza - I'd rather have a pizza made just for me and brought to me right when made. I also noticed they had personal pizzas for a reasonable price, so that is what I got. Strangely, when I asked my server if they had Coke Zero and I got a weird look and she acted like she had never heard of it before. Whatever - I got a regular coke and waited for my personal pepperoni pizza.

The presentation was nice - the pizza looked and smelled very good. It was a little light on sauce, but I think most pizzas are that way as I like my pizzas saucier than average. A side of red sauce fixed that and I happily chowed down this entire little pizza in no time at all. It made me wish there was more, so that is definitely a good sign. I left happy and not hungry, so it was a good day. The verdict?

7 slices = Very Good

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